Game Walkthrough
Now that you have entered the frontline you are almost ready to fight against the aliens. First let's go over your interface below:
Players will start with 100 health points and 800 tech points upon entry of the frontlines. If players reach 0 health points they will be asked to return to the menu and from there they may attempt another try at the frontline.
There are 7 difficulty levels in SpaceY 2025: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Insane, Or Impossible. You may select an increase in difficulty at the start of Wave 1 but this increase will be permanent for the duration of the waves of aliens or a new attempt at the frontline.
You will notice there are five tower icons. The five tower icons indicate which type of tower they are and by clicking on the icon the amount of those specific tower will be shown. Each new player starts with 3 of each tower. Players may add more of each tower type by purchasing loot boxes or purchasing towers individually on the community marketplace.
The next step is to select a system tower to deploy:
After having selected a tower you are able to place the tower on the map by left clicking or right clicking should you wish to cancel your action. The waves direction will adjust once you have placed the turret.
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