SpaceY 2025 1st Season ROI Simulation
Dual Tokens Model:
The key difference between blockchain games and traditional games is that the blockchain economic design is used to reward players for their contribution to the ecosystem. This new game mode is called "Play to Earn''. Only a fun game with an immersive gaming experience can attract enough participants to accumulate value for the network.
There are two Tokens in SpaceY 2025: SPAY and MetaMars. The model diagram of dual currency is shown in the figure below:
SPAY: Governance Token
MetaMars: Main in-game currency which can be achieved by playing game modes and participating in many other activities.
gMars: gMars are game earned resources that are convertible into MetaMars. The ratio of conversion is 1 to 1. Players may also deposit their MetaMars into the game becoming gMars.
The economic activity of SpaceY2025 currently relies on two functions - fighting and upgrading. A combat requires players to obtain several turrets (NFTs) in order to proceed. The game will give players 15 free turrets which are not NFTs to allow players “free to play”. Players will receive an in-game resource, “gMars”, as the reward for defeating a wave of enemies. gMars can be converted to MetaMars. After that, players can claim their MetaMars to wallets as actual tokens. SpaceY 2025 has a leaderboard mechanism that rewards the highest ranked players with a certain amount of SPAY tokens every month. As shown in the figure above, the ecosystem has four forms of interaction within a closed loop. This involves players, NFTs (buildings, islands & turrets) and core tokens (SPAY and MetaMars). These two cycles represent the value consumption and value creation perspective of the network. In the inner loop represented by the blue lines, the user enters the ecosystem to buy loot boxes using SPAY. Then they use NFTs gained from the box to interact with the network to generate MetaMars and earn SPAY for themselves. They can stake their SPAY tokens for rewards from 5% transaction fees (SPAY) for every activity on the community marketplace. The orange lines represent how the value itself flows in the ecosystem. Players can generate income by selling NFT or gaining MetaMars and SPAY tokens through combat. The vast majority of users simply buy these tokens from exchanges. Money enters the system through the user's purchase of tokens to obtain and upgrade NFTs to play the game. When the user sells the existing NFTs or tokens obtained from the game, the funds leave the system.
Investments & Profits:
(These rough calculations may vary when the project is online.)
Players don’t need NFTs to participate in the SpaceY 2025 game, because the game provides 15 default turrets (not NFTs) for all players. But if a player wants to go further and get higher scores, he/she needs 10 turrets (gained from the box or bought from other players). To get 10 turrets, the player needs to open at least two boxes. 29 SPAY per box, so he/she needs $986 (calculated based on the SPAY price of $17). Players are expected to spend $493 - $986 to start playing the game. If a player wants to get into the top 30% (first season only, will be reduced to 10% - 15% after) or even 1st on the leaderboard, he/she might need 50 NFT turrets. Therefore, he/she needs to open at least 10 boxes that will cost $4,930.
To estimate how much money users can make from SpaceY 2025, we assume that players can generate a certain amount of MetaMars tokens that we expect them to get. The game has daily quests open to people who have purchased at least one loot box. The daily limit of MetaMars token rewards is up to 150. Daily quests are issued every day to maintain users engagement and return rate. Besides completing quests, at the current stage, players can gain MetaMars tokens by playing the tower defense mode with infinity waves. MetaMars are unlocked after wave 15. Defeating one wave will randomly give players MetaMars tokens (between 0 - 3 per wave). Players can choose different difficulty levels to increase the maximum MetaMars token drop number. For example, the random range in the “very easy'' level will be 0 - 3; the range in “impossible level” will be 6-9. Some NFT buildings can increase the drop rate of the MetaMars, but in order to have a basic formula we will not calculate it here. There are 3 entrance times of the tower defense mode (“frontline”) per day, we assume one player can get 100 MetaMars tokens each time he/she enters the “frontline”. As a result, each player should be able to get 450 MetaMars tokens a day.
Leaderboard profits allocation ratio:
The total income at this time is 57,258 SPAY. 80% of this income (45,806.4 SPAY) will be put into the prize pool. If there are 500 - 700 people on top 30% of the leaderboard. The 1st player will get 20% (9,161.28 SPAY) of the prize; the last player will get 0.08% (36.64512 SPAY) of the prize. Besides SPAY, players will also be able to get MetaMars tokens’ values equal to their SPAY rewards. Rewards that have not been distributed or claimed will be used in the next season's prize pool. (To avoid token collapse, the player can only withdraw 10% of his/her seasonal rewards every 3 days. Therefore, the player can withdraw all rewards within a month.)
Daily MetaMars Rewards
Daily Quest (Starting in season 2)
Tower Defense Mode
1st Season SPAY Rewards (Assume 500 - 700 players on top 30%)
1st player
500-700th player
Price (Dec.17, 2021)
Expected $0.20
One Turret price
Daily (MetaMars)
Monthly (MetaMars)
Days to break-even (Standard)
Days to break-even (Top)
Given that MetaMars tokens have a free market, we consider that users can sell their tokens to generate income. Assume that the 450 MetaMars that a user can sell every day is worth $90. Therefore, users who play SpaceY 2025 can earn about $2,700 as a stable income per month from the game. However, if everyone keeps selling the MetaMars tokens they generate, the token may collapse. We will adjust the in-game drop rate and consumption of MetaMars to control it. At the same time, in order to make the game more fun and give our tokens more potential, we will continue to add more use cases related to SPAY and MetaMars.
There are three features under development that will be added into the game in the near future.
Buildings & Islands:
(Expected release time is 2022 Q1)
We have sold 19 islands now. The total income will be put into the prize pool when this feature is online.
Players can place buildings on their Islands. Each building will have its own function that can buff players’ defense power in the tower defense more. The more power players have, the more profits they can earn.
(Buildings’ buffs may vary when released).
Re-roll turrets’ skills (Expected release time is 2022 Q2)
Each of the turret parts also has rarities. These parts will grant turrets different skills related to the parts’ rarities. For instance, a turret can have skills such as stun enemies, slow enemies, increase damages, etc. Players can use MetaMars together with SPAY to re-roll turrets’ skills to get a more powerful skill set. Each re-rolling will cost 2 SPAY tokens. The MetaMars tokens cost will change according to the number of re-rolling. (The price may change when this function is online.)
Re-roll Times
SPAY Costs
MetaMars Costs
$ Costs
Replacement contract
(Expected release time is 2022 Q3)
We will sell the replacement contract on the official website. It allows players to spend 3 turrets along with this contract to get 1 turret with higher rarity. The price for this contract will be 500 MetaMars tokens. When players use it, they will need to spend 2 SPAY tokens as well. (The price and number of turrets needed may change when this function is online.)
Temporary Icon Showcase
(The following content is still under development and design, so numbers or calculations are not made here. But we believe these contents will definitely increase the value of some of our NFT assets.)
Boarding Passes:
(We will keep adding features to this NFT in 2022)
Players who have boarding passes will have many advantages in the game. For instance, they will have extra daily entrance times for the “frontline”. Therefore, they will be able to earn more tokens. And they can get more unique resources by playing the game every season. These resources will be used to craft new NFT assets.
NFT Crafting
(Expected release time is 2022 Q4)
Players who at least own 1 Island will be able to craft NFTs including spaceships, drones, robots, etc. This crafting feature will also include consumptions of SPAY and MetaMars tokens. Players can sell these NFTs they crafted on the community marketplace for SPAY tokens.
More Features and functions of Islands and boarding passes will be launched in the future. (Expected release time is 2023 Q1)
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